Vitamin D Injection in Bradford

vitamin d injections in bradford at jayne taylor aesthetics
When is a vitamin not a vitamin? When it’s vitamin D which is actually a hormone!  The Winter season can leave us with a profound effect on our vitamin D levels and our general feelings of wellness, during Spring and Summer months, but luckily, as...

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Introducing… Polynucleotides in Bradford

polynucleotides in bradford jayne taylor aesthetics
If you’re reading this blog (and we hope that you are) we would like to formally introduce you to the world-renowned… Polynucleotides! You’re probably thinking “I can’t even pronounce Polynucleotides” so we’ll call it by its’ other, easier name… PDRN. Aesthetics...

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Jayne Taylor Facebook logo
Here at Jayne Taylor Aesthetics, in Bradford, you’re very important to us and we love hearing your feedback. As a result we made a few changes, we hope you’ll be happy with them.   This is what you said to us: You said you wanted in depth skin...

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It’s Official! We’re CQC Registered!

cqc good jayne taylor aesthetics
2023 has already been a very busy time for Jayne Taylor Aesthetics. Lots of things happened but one event in particular was very important to us, we were inspected by, our regulator, the Care Quality Commission (CQC)! The inspection was very detailed...

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Massages in Bradford

Jayne Taylor Aesthetics are pleased and excited to announce the arrival of massage in clinic.  You’ve been asking us to introduce massage therapy for a while and with the arrival of the lovely Sarah, our relatively new Aesthetic Therapist, came her...

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HArmonyCA – a special restorative dermal filler

Here at Jayne Taylor Aesthetics in Bradford we absolutely love to introduce you to new products and treatments and in recent months Jayne has been carefully monitoring a brand new product called HArmonyCA which was launched as recently as September...

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Seventy Hyal 2000

Jayne Taylor Facebook logo
As we step towards Spring, we think about fresh starts and new beginnings – we believe the best is yet to come and we believe it begins right here, right now! The start of a new year can be a difficult time for us. Christmas is over, and we begin thinking...

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Alumier MD – An introduction

fleur kaan w4dj3mshhq0 unsplash
Alumier – from the word illuminate (to make clear or bright, to enlighten or share knowledge). It’s been a very busy year for Jayne Taylor Aesthetics, for lots of reasons. The main one being we have worked extremely hard to bring new products, treatments...

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Jayne Taylor Facebook logo
Here at Jayne Taylor Aesthetics, you’re very important to us and we love hearing your feedback. As a result we made a few changes, we hope you’ll be happy with them. This is what you said to us: You said you wanted help in managing your stress You...

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What are Anti-Wrinkle Injections?

art hauntington jzy0krjopei unsplash
Anti-wrinkle injections, more commonly known as Botox®, are one of our most popular anti-ageing treatments,  used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Botox® can also be used for medical purposes such as treating excessive sweating,...

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Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating)

hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)
Sweating is a vital bodily function that helps to regulate our temperature and keep us cool. Hyperhidrosis is a common condition (affecting 1-3% of the population in the UK) that results in excessive sweating. Hyperhidrosis is often referred to as...

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Biotin Vitamin B7 Injection

How often do we look at our “Crowning Glory” and think it doesn’t look glorious at all!  Most of us would love to have beautiful thick, lustrous hair, but few of us actually do. Well, here at Jayne Taylor Aesthetics – Bradford, we’ve been busy finding...

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You Said, We Did – November

hydrafacial jayne taylor aesthetics
Here at Jayne Taylor Aesthetics, you’re very important to us, and we love hearing your feedback. As a result, we made a few changes, we hope you’ll be happy with them. This is what you said to us: You said you wanted increased flexibility with your...

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Who are the CQC?

1 cqc regulated by purple
You may have noticed that we display a very important purple and white logo on our Jayne Taylor Aesthetics website that belongs to the CQC (Care Quality Commission). We are often asked who they are and, more importantly, what they actually do, so we...

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ThermaVein Treatments

skin tag thermavein jayne taylor aesthetics
The treatment of Thread/Spider Veins (and other conditions) If you’re looking for the “Gold Standard” of thread/spider vein treatment, then ThermaVein at Jayne Taylor Aesthetics, Bradford, is definitely the treatment for you. Thread veins, aka Spider...

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You Said, We Did – October

you said we did
Here at Jayne Taylor Aesthetics (Bradford), we’re very lucky to have a great team of professionals working with and supporting us to deliver what we believe are the best treatments possible. We’re equally as lucky to have a wonderful team of “Extra’s”...

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Acne Vulgaris (Acne), Bradford

Type of Acne Jayne Taylor Aesthetics
Everything you need to know about Acne but are afraid to find out! Acne, sometimes called Acne Vulgaris, is a very common, long-term skin condition that is caused by the blockage of hair follicles by naturally occurring oils and dead skin cells. Acne...

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What is LED Light Therapy?

celluma led light therapy jayne taylor aesthetics
NASA (The National Aeronautics and Space Administration) is an independent US agency responsible for their space programme and space research. NASA is also responsible for introducing the medical and aesthetic world to LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting. The...

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HydraFacial – Bradford

hydrafacial jayne taylor aesthetics
Luxury Facial Experience Those of you reading this who know me or who have visited Jayne Taylor Aesthetics know how seriously we take our products, treatments and results. For that reason, we always take our time to complete our research when considering...

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Botox for Men – Bradford “Brotox”

botox for men jayne taylor aesthetics
Last year it was reported by plastic surgeons that Botox treatments for men had increased by a huge 70% in the UK! Most of us have a man in our life, a father, a husband, a partner, or a friend that would benefit from some TLC in the form of an anti-ageing...

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