ThermaVein Treatment

ThermaVein Treatment

If you’re looking for the “Gold Standard” of thread vein (spider vein) treatment, then ThermaVein at Jayne Taylor Aesthetics is the treatment for you. 

ThermaVein is a handheld piece of equipment that safely uses microwave currents to close off the “offending vein”. The low microwave current is delivered safely via a very fine insulated needle which is sited directly onto the vein. The microwave current then travels for approximately 3mm, causing the vein to collapse in that particular area. The process is repeated along the length of the vein until the thread vein has disappeared completely. Once a particular vein has been treated, it will not return, although it must be said that additional thread veins may develop in other adjacent areas. 

Thread/spider veins are thought of as “cosmetically unsightly”, particularly if they affect areas of the face, although they can be found in all areas of the body. ThermaVein is perfect for treating the condition, regardless of where that may be.

Thread veins are caused and affected by a number of factors:
  • Ageing – our veins become “thinner” as we age
  • Hormonal changes (condition affects more females than males)
  • Sun damage – breaks down the collagen in the skin and weakens blood vessels
  • Pregnancy – increased blood volume places additional pressure on blood vessels
  • Heredity – runs in families
  • Obesity – places additional pressure on blood vessels
The beauty of ThermaVein is that a number of other conditions can also be treated, very effectively, in the same way. They are:
  • Sebaceous hyperplasia – enlarged sebaceous glands found on the forehead or cheeks
  • Skin tags – small, skin-coloured growths found on the skin
  • Cherry angioma – small, mole-like skin growths made up of tiny blood vessels
  • Spider naevus – single red spots with small “arms” extending outwards
  • Milia – small white bumps typically found on the nose and cheeks 
  • Warts - small lumps on the skin 

As usual, at Jayne Taylor Aesthetics, treatment begins with a detailed skin consultation during which a full assessment is made of the condition and area to be treated, and a treatment plan is agreed upon. An improvement is usually seen immediately, but it may take more than one treatment to resolve the issue satisfactorily. An indication of how many required treatments will be discussed with you during the planning stage. 

ThermaVein is perfect for the vast majority of patients (male and female) however, there are a few exceptions. If you suffer from any of the following, ThermaVein is contra-indicated:
  • Suffer from an infectious skin condition(s)
  • Have a pacemaker fitted
  • Take blood thinning medication (anticoagulants) 
Treatment Summary

ThermaVein is a sterile probe housing a very fine insulated needle (to protect the surrounding skin) which is used to deliver a low microwave current to an area of 3mm. The current causes the vein in that 3mm area to collapse, resulting in immediate disappearance.

Number of treatments

One treatment may be sufficient to resolve the issue completely, but this will be entirely dependent upon the size of the area to be treated and your individual response to treatments. It is not unusual for two or three treatments to be required to resolve the issue completely. Treatments should be spaced every 6 weeks.

Procedure Time

ThermaVein treatment lasts between 15 and 20 minutes per session.

Discomfort level

ThermaVein treatment has been described as feeling like “plucking a hair from the skin”.


Not required.

Recovery Time

Recovery time and aftercare are minimal. Bandaging of the area is unnecessary, although some patients may experience a little swelling and oozing from the injection site, which may cause some “crustiness”. This usually resolves within the first few days. We do, however, advise that you wear SPF 50 every day post-treatment, and we are able to recommend specific brands. 

Back to Normal

Most patients report getting back to normal immediately. However, a small number may experience some, swelling, oozing, or crustiness, which usually resolves in a few days.

Final Results

Improvements are usually visible immediately, although dependent upon the size of the treatment area, additional treatments may be required before the final result is fully appreciated. 


ThermaVein Session with Practitioner for Leg or Facial Thread Veins £200.

ThermaVein Session with Nurse Prescriber for Leg or Facial Thread Veins £250.

Warts/Millia/Skin Tag/Cherry Angioma/Sebaceous Hyperplasia Removal £75 per lesion with Practitioner and £100 with Nurse Prescriber. 2nd lesion £50 (£75). Multiple lesions, price on consultation.

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