Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vajinal Rejuvination

Vaginal Rejuvenation, using Ultra Femme 360, is a non-surgical, non-invasive, life changing treatment which has already been adopted by women worldwide as “the” treatment for improving intimate health.

Ultra Femme is a very effective treatment for the symptoms of urinary incontinence. By strengthening internal tissue, the treatment provides you with more support for the pelvic floor and bladder muscles. This increased support and control mean that when the pelvic floor muscles and muscles at the neck of the bladder are placed under strain – such as when you laugh, cough, sneeze, run or jump – the muscles are strong enough to withstand the added stress and prevent leaks or dribbles of urine.

The external treatment applies exactly the same radio frequency technology to the labia and surrounding areas. Ultra Femme treatment lifts, plumps and tightens the soft tissue, creating volume and a “neatness” to the labia majora and reducing excess skin and tissue around the clitoral hood, resulting in less discomfort and insecurity about the appearance of your vagina.

Many women feel unhappy about the appearance of their vagina and labia, especially as the visible signs of ageing can cause loss of tissue sensitivity, plumpness and volume leading to laxity of the skin. This insecurity can have a major effect on intimate relationships and women’s ability to enjoy sex. Ultra Femme improves this by applying the radiofrequency technology to the vagina and labia, creating an increase in collagen and elastin production and blood supply to the area, lifting and tightening the appearance of the area, and improving sensation and sexual satisfaction

Ultra Femme treatment will also help improve the sexual experience for your partner as well as for you. This happens following tightening of the vaginal canal and rejuvenation of the external tissues. This tightening effect reduces the symptoms of vaginal laxity, many of which can make sex less enjoyable for both partners. Symptoms associated with vaginal laxity include vaginal dryness, a reduction or loss of sensation in the vaginal canal and opening, pain or difficulty having sex, difficulty becoming aroused and reaching orgasm.

Treatment Summary

Gold standard vaginal rejuvenation consists of both internal and external treatment however both areas can be treated individually if that is your preference.

Preparation for Treatments

In order to get the best from this treatment your skin must be well hydrated. We advise drinking at least 2 litres of water each day in the lead up to your planned treatment. All hair in the treatment area must be removed before arrival in clinic.


There are some medical conditions and treatments that will prevent us offering this treatment to you. Please speak to your practitioner about this.

Number of treatments

A course of three treatments taken every 7 to 14 days is recommended and in order to maintain your results you will want to undergo intermittent additional treatments remembering that the treatment will last up to two years.

Procedure Time

Vaginal rejuvenation (internal and external) treatment is delivered in a 45 minute appointment.

Discomfort level

Most patients describe the treatment as relaxing. The area being treated will feel warm and you will be asked regularly to rate your comfort level throughout.


Not required.

Recovery Time

Recovery time and aftercare is minimal. The area being treated will most probably redden during and after the treatment and some external swelling may be experienced post treatment. This is the body’s natural inflammatory response and is what we are looking for. We will also always advise that you continue to drink those 2 litres of water per day.

Back to Normal
Patients report getting back to normal immediately, any redness and swelling will usually resolve within a few hours and there is no post treatment discomfort. We do advise patients to refrain from sex for 48 hours.
Final Results
Temporary improvements can be seen and felt immediately but we do like to call this a preview of the final result as it takes time for your body to make the additional collagen that we are looking for. The optimum results are seen at 3 months following the course of 3 treatments. At that point you will then be able to re-evaluate your treatment plan and photographs with your practitioner.

Internal £250.00 per session and £750.00 for three sessions

External £250.00 per session and £750.00 for three sessions

Both £400.00 per session and £1200.00 for three sessions

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